102 of 195 (52.3%) Loans Sold by: The Maries County Bank

PurchaserOriginator (Seller)# Loans%
Loan not originated or not sold in calendar yearThe Maries County Bank15696.2963
OtherThe Maries County Bank63.7037

Correspondent (Buyer)Originator (Seller)# LoansAverage LoanMarket Share
PENNYMAC LOAN SERVICES, LLCThe Maries County Bank31155645.1612930.3922Detail
Wells Fargo Bank, National AssociationThe Maries County Bank18111666.66666717.6471Detail
AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLCThe Maries County Bank12125000.011.7647Detail
NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLCThe Maries County Bank7125000.06.8627Detail
Truist BankThe Maries County Bank482500.03.9216Detail
First Guaranty Mortgage CorporationThe Maries County Bank3115000.02.9412Detail
CALIBER HOME LOANS, INC.The Maries County Bank3141666.6666672.9412Detail
Flagstar Bank, FSBThe Maries County Bank3125000.02.9412Detail
NEWREZ LLCThe Maries County Bank3115000.02.9412Detail
PLANET HOME LENDING, LLCThe Maries County Bank2115000.01.9608Detail
NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONThe Maries County Bank2115000.01.9608Detail
Bank of America, National AssociationThe Maries County Bank260000.01.9608Detail
U.S. Bank National AssociationThe Maries County Bank2110000.01.9608Detail
Northpointe BankThe Maries County Bank1125000.00.9804Detail
Texas Capital Bank, National AssociationThe Maries County Bank175000.00.9804Detail
THE MONEY SOURCE INC.The Maries County Bank155000.00.9804Detail
TIB The Independent Bankersbank, National AssociationThe Maries County Bank1105000.00.9804Detail
Citizens Bank, National AssociationThe Maries County Bank1115000.00.9804Detail
HOME POINT FINANCIAL CORPORATIONThe Maries County Bank1315000.00.9804Detail
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationThe Maries County Bank1145000.00.9804Detail
LAKEVIEW LOAN SERVICING, LLCThe Maries County Bank1185000.00.9804Detail
VILLAGE CAPITAL & INVESTMENT LLCThe Maries County Bank1185000.00.9804Detail
Members Mortgage Services, L.L.C.The Maries County Bank1145000.00.9804Detail

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